Social Media

Sheila Gaffney, These at least were things she could remember, ING Discerning Eye 2016

Social media channels are increasingly vital tools for visual arts organisations to communicate their work, projects and strategy to the widest possible audience. They are also very time-consuming to manage and keep up to date. We can help across all social media platforms, from planning and scheduling to content creation, delivery and reporting. We focus on creating dynamic digital content which reflects your art organisation’s brand identity, whether through text, imagery, gifs or short films.

Keith Harrison, Joyride, Jerwood Open Forest 2016. Supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Forestry Commission England and Arts Council England

We can create promotional campaigns that engage audiences directly through competitions and opportunities.  We also create links with other organisations and individuals to host takeover campaigns on social media to extend and diversify audience reach and engagement. We can also design, implement and analyse social media advertising campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, targeting audiences based on location, interests and behaviours.